Thursday, 9 April 2015

Turns Out We Made it to Just Another Gorgeous Riad. In Africa.

Yep, another princess room... a gorgeous riad...

... breakfast in the sunshine, with heaters...! 
When we arrived it was getting on to nightfall; racing along the streets to the main square looking for a place to eat brought us finally after several tours, to a man cave... which we braved... and ended up having-- would you believe it-- tajines!
Walking back through the not-so-lit alleys was interesting. This town seemed somehow more secular perhaps, even though it did see a fair number of tourists, even camper tourists during the on-season; in contrast to all the other places we had visited so far, the women here were not very responsive, and many refused to look our way when we were trying to get directions or information.
We also noticed that the women's dress changed depending on what region we were travelling through... localised ideals and beliefs, perhaps, similar to language dialects maybe.

The pool looks wonderful grand, but morning tuque temperatures were not encouraging for a dip. In the summer, they said, it was lovely.

Rosemary bush in January.

Berber language, written. The children learn Berber, French, and Arabic, each with their own strange alphabet of symbols and sounds.
And so, our morning walk over, we pressed on... the beach was calling!

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