Friday, 17 April 2015

Towards Taroudant!

The ever-changing landscape continued to awe as we traveled westward through the Anti-Atlas Range, moving closer to the coast.

And to the north of us, the majestic High Atlas peaks appeared again.
Fantastic and amazing.

Almond trees in bloom in January-- early for here!

Sheep and goats with their shepherds... foraging on every green thing around under the canopies of any kind of treed growth. It's no wonder that the whole country-side looks as though it gets mowed on a very regular basis.

Argan trees re-appearing in the landscape, dotting hillsides.

And the plastic bags. They are EVERYWHERE. No matter where we stopped, plastic bags were caught up in every bush, shrub, tree throughout all of Morocco; hundreds of thousands of them.

Roadside soccer pitch.

Annnnd Taroudant! Of course we read the directions, looked at maps, downloaded everything to find our choices of riads, and of course the second we thought we were in the right area we discovered that we really did not have a clue... so of course we asked for directions, placing our faith once again in the kindness of strangers, and happily, we were led again by another Moped Man through the crazy streets and curvy roads and busy souks right to the riad door.

Finally spotted a small sign on the wall of a building... we were headed in the right direction!

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