Thursday, 23 April 2015

Taroudant Riad and Traveling to the Coast

Sunrise on the rooftop terrace in Taroudant... all those satellite discs... becoming part of the scenery.

Breakfast of champions...

.. and then down the stairwells, past the pool, and on the road again!

Donkeys are used everywhere... big cities, small villages, the desert, for transportation of goods, be it greens, oranges (or other colours... and citrus fruit), or construction materials.

Here, the donkey is carrying a load of greens to feed the cow(s) that lives in an enclosed area of a family home, guarded from prying eyes or jealous evil eyes. We only actually saw cattle once.

Mopeds of all shapes and styles and ages were on roads everywhere-- even in the tight cobblestone alleys full of vendors, buyers, and gawkers.

Bicycles did the trick as well...

Workplace safety, whether at the job site or en route to and from work does not seem to be a concern of any kind.

Beautiful crates of oranges, stacked sky-high.
As we came closer and closer to the coast, citrus orchards, cedar forests, olive and agar trees abounded, farmers fields increased, and things seemed a lot greener.

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