Friday, 3 April 2015

Supper at the Saharan Sports Bar

After scoping out the accommodations and taking in the sunset, we spied a little something that looked familiar by the kitchen tent...

... and happily, just before we started the Sports part of the evening, it was noted that Supper was well on its way in the kitchen!

Taking part in the Berber Sandboarding competition...



... with grace and style!
After this exhausting event, it was time for mint tea and Supper in the grand Supper Tent.

Mint tea. (and a sneaky Berber slipping into the Grand Tent)

First course, pureed sweet potatoe soup and fresh bread...

...followed by everyone's favorite vegetable and chicken tagines (yum!!)

This was followed by a fire with drumming and 'song' (of the three of us around the fire, it chanced that not one of us could carry a tune)...

... I'm not sure how not one of us has a photo of the fire, but what the heck, it was warm.
The stars in the desert are like I have never seen anywhere else in the world. Here on the Rock (or other slightly less-traveled areas where I have been) where there isn't a very big problem with light pollution, I always thought that we could see starts by the millions... and we can, but not like in the Sahara. For this, I wish I had the camera gear (and know-how) to try to capture what it was like... seeing as I didn't, all I can tell you is that imagine you were sitting under the universe's largest rich dark deep black umbrella and that this was interspersed with layers of diamonds lit from within-- not just above you, but across from you, all around, right down to the horizon line.
There's nothing like it.

Talking about a piece of wood that can be used to stake a camel, as a rest for tent poles, and as a piece to build a seat on the back of a camel.

And after the good times around the fire, lanterns led us back across the sands to the courtyard of the camp and to our tents.
It was a five-blanket night.

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