Saturday, 25 April 2015

Riad, Rooftop, and Victoria's Secret

After a great day at the beach, we decided to try getting brand new directions for the appropriation of a bottle of wine in a country where alcohol consumption is not the norm.
But first, the Surf Star riad:

Views from the roof top terrace-- where yoga happens in the mornings, and for the non-yogi, coffee and sunrise contemplation.

Bright and lovely dining area, lots of seating, computer space, and personal tajines for the tajine night.

Meals were plentiful, delicious, and awesome, full of fresh fruit and vegetables, all kinds of olives, breads, and yummy yummy goodness. It was a real treat not having to 'forage' for ourselves for a couple of days (definitely decadent, but awesome!).
And, we got directions that we had to interpret several times in several ways including u-turns in Agadir, but we did find Victoria's Secret afterall...


Yes, wine!

And apparently Coca Cola...

In our infinite wisdom, we opted for three bottles, because we still had travel days left, and we had a car, and we could enjoy a glass of wine each evening until we had to fly away from Africa. So we picked three cool ones, all remarkably made in Morocco. Not sure how that is OK with the belief system, but who am I to question a bit of vino in the face of all this bounty?

We drove to Tagazhout and got-- literally-- a take-out tajine and fried squid for supper. Promised to being the tajine dishes back the next day. Which we did, btw.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

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