Tuesday, 3 March 2015

In and Around Marrakesh 1

Leaving the riad, heading towards the main square in the old medina...

Horses and carriages, some driven--quite expertly-- by youngsters of 4-5 yrs of age (!!), ready for all the tourists. This was the one place where we saw a LOT of foreigners wandering around the city; don't want to imagine what the summer season brings in terms of crowds!

One of the many entrances to the medina.

Getting ready for opening of shops in the souks...

... donkeys, a very important means of transport everywhere we went.

Two ladies, having a chat...! Don't be fooled by the outer facades of the buildings. Some were, of course, quite grand from the exterior, but many (if not most) ascribed to the belief that the riches and beauty in property belongs to the family, which means it faces inwards; any one of these places could have gorgeous courtyards and wonderfully detailed ceilings, doors, trim, etc. that are only visible to family on the inside of the walls.

The rain did catch up to us, but happily, did not last too long.

The main square slowly filled with peddlers, pop-up stalls of all sorts, including snake charmers!

As soon as the sun went down, the whole square changed as tents and tables and benches were brought in, and restaurants appeared out of nowhere it seemed! Magical events!

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