Monday, 2 March 2015

Away to Marrakesh!

Successfully grabbed a 5am taxi once outside the medina walls, made it to the train station in Meknes, bought our tickets to Marrakesh, and relaxed with a very strong espresso served by the nice man who had an extra long cigarette going while serving under the no-smoking-in-the-station-or-cafe sign. 

As we travelled along, past Casa Blanca again, and then towards the interior, the landscape changed to something a bit more hilly, and a bit less green.

Sheep enclosure-- made of brambles.

Palm forests beginning.

Arrived at the Marrakesh train station!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed... ready to find our riad and to start a tour while the rain --hopefully-- keeps holding off.

Found the riad, right on the edge of the medina-- along with beautifully detailed ivory inlay table and chairs...

...beautiful courtyard, our room complete with princess beds again (!!) on the second floor...

...with a beautiful handcrafted lantern...

...and a view of the Imperial City from the roof-top terrace. Marrakesh is known as the 'red' city, as the adobe and paints used for the walls of almost every building and wall in the city are a reddish hue-- more pink to me, but that could be the lighting, time of day, dryness. It also had palm trees lining every street-- seemed to be the most green city in that respect that we had seen so far. The threatening clouds were blocking the view of the High Atlas Mountains that day, but it was still ok!

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