Saturday, 28 March 2015

8 Hours Until Daylight

The fantasy of a KASBAH in the Sahara desert was a reality. I don't think I ever really imagined that I would be in such a place, even though in the back of my mind, I knew this existed.

Complete with gorgeous lanterns, lit and welcoming...

... a fire in the dining room-- necessary! It really does cool down a LOT at night in the desert. The sections in research books read when I was young about the adaptations needed for survival by the desert creatures became a lot more realistic and understandable in a 'real' sense rather than just in logic once we arrived.

And of course the rooms were grand...

...every hallway was exotic and inviting...

... and beautiful details everywhere!

Steps leading to the roof-top terrace from the gorgeous courtyard...

... allowed for the first glimpse in daylight of what we would see.

Camels waiting for the trek.

So many details; these fossils were everywhere in parts of this area-- one couldn't pick up a stone without finding one. I love how they were incorporated into counter tops, sinks, basins, and decor in this kasbah.

And there it was, the beckoning Sahara, sea of sands. 
I still can't believe I was there.

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