Monday, 16 February 2015

The Bread Baker

Now and again during our wanderings through the medinas, we would catch the sent of fresh-baked bread... generally from a small opening or doorway, with barely any lighting inside the space beyond the opening.
The second time I passed this magical sort of doorway, I stopped and asked to have a look, and this is what greeted me:

Shelves of freshly baked loaves...

...separated into distinct piles...

The Bread Baker services families within a region of the medina; families prepare and deliver their bread dough to be baked, picking these up later in the day. (The Baker also bakes cookies and other goodies for small baked goods shops, and roasts meats as needed for families in the medina; there is an age-old system in place for all of this).

Because the Baker has been baking the bread for the same families for so many years, he can distinguish whose bread is whose by the shape and texture of the dough and the number and placement of divots poked into  dough.

The simplicity of this system is so rich in story and beauty.