Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Part of a Lisbon Morning Walk

No matter where we turned in Lisbon, up curving stone stairs, down winding roadways, into narrow alleys or wide roadways, the Portuguese tradition of masonry and tile-work is just as outstanding now as it has been for hundreds of years. 
What a beautiful city!

We picked oranges and lemons from a variety of trees, from both public and private sectors; me Mudder said 'miserly', but I still stand by the idea of waste-not-want-not, not to mention that the best hot chocolate in the universe cost about 8 Euros, which is already expensive, but when one translates that into dollars, it's closer to $15... of course I picked the oranges!! Besides, they're so beautiful!

Racing to get to church on time.
Doors and archways across the world-- new theme, should I get the opportunity to travel again.

This, my friends, is a two-seater.
When ya gets yelled at to put yer toys away, ya won't have any trouble putting this little guy back in the box!

Age-old fountain... reminds me of the journey yet to come.

Fado graffiti.

One of innumerable tiled walls, with an added touch of leg.

Reno's in progress.

Foggy over the bay on our first day-- clears up, don't worry.

Cute little tram, travelling up and down the spiraling tracks of the old part of the city.

Love the stones.


Swallows: harbringers of luck here too as in several other cultures.


A story told in tiles.

Sardines come in every size and colour.

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