Saturday, 14 February 2015

Onions in the Fields

We spent a few nights in Meknes so that we could explore the region a little bit... we have the train system down by this time, and are still working on the taxi business; Petit Taxis can deliver people from one end of a city or town to the other, some have counters (which is good if they are used, the price on the metre is the price one pays), and some do not, in which case one needs to be sure of the price before stepping into the vehicle... and to make sure this doesn't become a crazy number, apparently one needs a bit of experience beforehand. We read about this system before we started out, but it took several tries to get it right. Each town/city has Petit Taxis of a certain colour; they may all be blue, or as in Casablanca, all these are red, and they seem to have the right of way over all other vehicles regardless of road signs, lines, traffic direction, and so on... makes for an interesting ride! Grand Taxis are all Mercedez Benzes, and they take people from one town/city to the next. I will save the Grand Taxi stories for later.
In the meantime, we decided that we would rent a vehicle to try to get to see as much as possible, without having to rely on schedules for buses, hiring taxis, or figuring out drop-off/pick-up spots. Being another vehicle on the road, especially in the cities/towns, is quite exciting... freefrom it is! 
I love driving in Morocco, I love the fluidity of it all. If I could read the signs-- there weren't many that we could recognise for the most part-- it definitely would have made this the best country ever to drive in.

While in search of the Cedar Forests and the Barbary Apes, we found onions.

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