Thursday, 26 February 2015

Herbs and Spices!

The spice co-ops and spice souks were awesome! So many different dried herbs, mixed spices, combinations of greatness to make your food or your life better than ever... these people have it wired!

This grinding stone is still very common for the grinding of seeds and coarser materials to make the fine powder that looks so beautiful in all its piles, indoors or out.

The co-ops offer mixtures of spices in jar-fulls or by weight...

... hard to pick which one to try. This particular co-op was one of many women's co-operatives in Morocco; now that divorce is allowed within the Islamic faith, many women find themselves without support, and being divorced, have a tremendously hard time finding employment. Apparently being a Berber, female, and being divorced makes it three times as difficult in finding employment, so with the help of craft co-operatives, spice co-operatives, etc., women are finding their place in the public sector.

I had to look twice at these... and when I asked what these were used for (just to be sure), the nice lady said that I could brew a great tea from them, that it was good especially if  I was sad or tired or depressed; this would make me happy and relaxed for hours. 
Poppy seeds.

Every time we saw these open-air spice shops, I had to wonder what happened if there was ever a great gust of wind or it rained...

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