Friday, 18 July 2014

Family Gatherings at the Glass Gallery

Myself and my Gallery Assistant got a FREE DAY OFF last week, so away to the great Northern Peninsula to chase down icebergs we went!

After the Monday morning shower, we stopped again at the Arches... photographed both under and over.

Northland Tours took us out into the foggy rainy weather, we saw fantastic icebergs, seabirds galore, and minke whales.

Picked up a bergy bit en route, and munched down on 10-15 000-year old pure ice that had come from Greenland, melted a bit, travelled northwards again, then finally down to us in Newfoundland. Imagine the ages!

In contrast to the cold-and-wet-day, sitting in between two familiars was rather warm rather fast.

Supper in the Gallery... all utensils used-- tupperware cover and spoons served as plates and forks/knives. We make do. Happily.

Good times midst the paintings!

Bellies full to almost-pass-out-stage, Gallery Assistant and self seem to have procured a uniform over time. I think it will be mandatory to wear the uniform Sundays.
That should be good for a laugh.

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