Monday, 31 March 2014

T-Shirt Day!

Well, not quite 'day', but at least T-shirt Ski! The climb was long enough that the layers came off, and it was the first real spring ski of the year for us...
Part-way up to access the ridge line on the This-Side-of-the-Creek trails.

Getting too hot, must have a cool-down bath... both Buddies indulged in these quite a bit... spring must really be here!

Top-of-the-Ridge ponds. Saw a very sweet cabin tucked in the woods on the edge of one the ponds; I wonder if there are trout... must be a great spot in the summers too!

The flat light made it very hard to see any undulations in the snow-- everything looked the same... interesting to ski on.
And today it is snowing... back to a jacket and hat, I guess.

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