Sunday, 5 October 2014

Big Red Goes Paddleboarding Under the Watchful Eye of Gros Morne After a Most Fun and Fine Workshop Weekend at Cow Head

True story.

Most excellent way to end the weekend with friends in Cow Head at the Gros Morne Fall Fest.
Great times at the workshops, the music, the dancing, and the food!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Fall in Green Gardens

Great company, great day. Playing hookey is just as fun now as it ever was...

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Good Times with Super Dog

Fly, Kala, fly!!!
Life on the North Atlantic during supper break.

Trudy-Jo Campbell Coming to the Glass Gallery!

Opening of Trudy-Jo Campbell's solo show, 
My Newfoundland, Day and Night, 
is happening this Saturday (Aug.23rd) 2-4 pm

Trudy's work for this show ' an eclectic mix of images inspired by the landscape of the province of NL. The evening and night images invoke calmness while the daytime images remind us to respect the natural pristine world. All are acrylics on stretched canvas.'

This exhibition will be up for two weeks, and is the last in the series of Guest Artists for this year. 
Hopefully this is just the start of things to come at the Glass Gallery. Come one out and enjoy some beautiful art and creativity in Gros Morne!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Fibre Artist Coming to the Glass Gallery!

I am very proud to announce the Opening of my mother's exhibition as part of the Guest Artist Series, 
An Islander's Fibre Art
this Saturday (July 26th) 2-4pm 
at the Glass Gallery.

Maria Voitk's work will be displayed in the Glass Gallery July 26th-Aug 9th; if you are out and about the Gros Morne area, please drop by the Glass Gallery and take a gander at her award-winning fibre art.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Birthday at the Glass Gallery in Gros Morne

Tricky parents came early to decorate...

... the sign on the door was great-- several people coming into the Gallery for a browse had fun wishing Ben a happy birthday as well!

Drawing out designs...

... the Birthday Boy working with glass...


... prefired pieces waiting for the kiln-firing...




.... and a few final results...


... all very well done, amazing end tiles!

Birthdays can be fun!!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Family Gatherings at the Glass Gallery

Myself and my Gallery Assistant got a FREE DAY OFF last week, so away to the great Northern Peninsula to chase down icebergs we went!

After the Monday morning shower, we stopped again at the Arches... photographed both under and over.

Northland Tours took us out into the foggy rainy weather, we saw fantastic icebergs, seabirds galore, and minke whales.

Picked up a bergy bit en route, and munched down on 10-15 000-year old pure ice that had come from Greenland, melted a bit, travelled northwards again, then finally down to us in Newfoundland. Imagine the ages!

In contrast to the cold-and-wet-day, sitting in between two familiars was rather warm rather fast.

Supper in the Gallery... all utensils used-- tupperware cover and spoons served as plates and forks/knives. We make do. Happily.

Good times midst the paintings!

Bellies full to almost-pass-out-stage, Gallery Assistant and self seem to have procured a uniform over time. I think it will be mandatory to wear the uniform Sundays.
That should be good for a laugh.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

New Life in Gros Morne

The tiny little herd of beautiful caribou that lives on the bogs close to Western Brook has increased by two this year...

... trophy male, in between the ladies and the road...

... gorgeous change in coat as the white of winter gets replaced by the browns and dusky hues of summer...

... a little one, always somehow just far enough away not to get the best shot; guardians are doing their job.

I hope they stay safe from the trucks and cars on the highway, the coyotes and other hunters; perhaps next year, this little herd will increase in number again.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

So Much Going On Over 'Ome

The lilacs are blooming and the whole garden, house, and woods are redolent with the scent... driving through Corner Brook, it seems the whole town is rich with this as well. 

The summer skies are made for dreaming.

Monday, 23 June 2014

The Lens & the Brush

Guest Artist Series at the Glass Gallery:

Nicole LeDrew May & Shell LeDrew

Saturday, June 28, 2-4pm

Please join us for a chat with the artists, snacks, beverages, and the chance to view new works by the Best Coast Sistahs, Nicole and Shell!

Rodney Mercer, Guest Artist: Figuratively Speaking

Rodney Mercer is the first Guest Artist at the Glass Gallery, and his Solo Exhibition, Figuratively Speaking is up until this coming Saturday (June 28).
In Rodney's own words, he uses his art as 'a vehicle to illustrate the many correlations of life through the contextualising of the everyday with the iconography of popular culture and observations of the human condition'. Skilfully rendered, often tongue-in-cheek and full of intelligent observations and wit, Mercer's work will stand the test of time in terms of relevancy and quality.

Half Asleep with the Succubus
Last remaining print (framed) of this etching available for purchase.

Detail of Painted with the Same Brush
Available for purchase

Generation Gap-- Demsaduit
Only 3 prints left at the Glass Gallery available for purchase.

Showing at the Glass Gallery in Rocky Harbour until June 28th.

Next in the Guest Artist Series are sisters Nicole LeDrew-May and Shell LeDrew, opening for their show of completely new work, Sat. June 28, 2-4pm.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Last Week! (Last Chance!)

Elemental Nexus, a four-person installation of glass, metal, and stone is up for just this last week at the Devon House Main Gallery in St. John's... if you are the Big City, stop by and check it out. For those of you who might not make it all the way to the Avalon, I am posting images of part of my part in the show (the rest of ye should be very familiar with this already, right?).